The Preservers: Keeping Derryveagh’s Memory Alive…

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In the front rank of those who preserve Derryveagh…

May McClintock

Historian, heart and soul of the decades-long project to find Derryveagh’s descendants and enable them to recover and revisit their roots in the Valley. May has researched the people’s biographies, reforested the area with original species, created a site for its remembrance and meditation, and authored the ground-breaking pamphlet After the Battering Ram. An essential human being.

Lindel Buckley

A descendant of Derryveagh’s evicted, Lindel has been a tireless decades-long ace researcher and daily sharer of information with many hundreds of people in search of their Donegal roots, including Derryveagh and Gweedore. Her essential website is a living trove and dispenser of primary research documents and the inspiration to persist in our searches.

Liam Dolan

Author of the benchmark, ground-breaking history Land War and Evictions in Derryveagh, 1840-1865. Alas, only 400 copies were printed in 1980; and so, it remains as sought after as it is hard to find. This unique work, with local focus and flavors, demands recovery and fresh publication. And Liam deserves our thanks.

W. E. Vaughan

Author of the study Sin, Sheep and Scotsmen: John George Adair and the Derryveagh Evictions, an essential research and analysis of Adair’s background and Derryveagh’s dynamics. A must, it deserves recovery and reprinting, as well as constructive critique. A key to Derryveagh’s restoration to broader public attention.

Bill Spillane

Bill’s years of persistent research in Australia’s National Library has produced an indispensable, fine-tuned body of information on the origins and dynamics of the Donegal Relief Fund, which transported Derryveagh’s and Gweedore’s young down under. His work appears on Lindel Buckley’s website.

Bernard Barrett

Primary Aussie researcher and historian of how Derryveagh and Donegal came to Australia via the Donegal Relief Fund. As a dedicated searcher for Derryveagh’s lost descendants and missing links, he directed and authored the seminal essay, Five Shiploads: How some of our Irish pioneers came to Australia. Dr. Barrett was former State Historian for Victoria.