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An evolving Who’s Who and Where and When of the Derryveagh Evictions and its Aftermath (In progress… Add your players!)

Adair, John George

The evictor of Derryveagh, and elsewhere.

Bradley, Francis

The prime suspect in the murder of Adam Grierson, who, from his death bed, personally named Bradley to be the killer. Bradley was tried three times for the murder but never convicted.

Grierson, Adam

Adair’s second Scottish land steward and cat’s paw, who oversaw the hands-on 3-day eviction. He was murdered on the eve of his intended departure for Australia.

McEncroe, Archdeacon John

Primary Australian promoter of efforts by the Donegal Relief Fund to “assist” the dispossessed of Derryveagh and Gweedore to emigrate to Australia.

McFadden, Rev. James

Local priest to the Derryveagh evicted who accompanied and comforted the young as far as Dublin, and addressed them, in Gaelic, on the day of their final departure from Ireland.

Murray, James

Adair’s murdered Scottish land steward, who’s unsolved killing provided the pretext for Adair’s evicting Derryveagh.

Scott-Durbin, J. H.

The hired operative of the Donegal Relief Fund in charge of the “assisted” removal by ship in 1862 of Derryveagh’s young to Australia.

Sweeney, Dan Mor

Arguably the prime suspect in James Murray’s murder.

Trench, William Steuart

Adair’s maternal uncle, Land Agent in Ireland for major English absentee landlords, promoter of “assisted removal” schemes to Australia, and a prime Ribbon Society opponent.


Derryveagh Eviction Zone

The forgotten townlands of Derryveagh’s evicted:

  • Magharnashangan
  • Claggan North
  • Warrenstown
  • Ardatur
  • Drumnalifferney
  • Casheltown
  • Shoughangarrow