First off the Lot…

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The family of the Widow Mc Award was the first to face the terror of the Crowbar Brigade. The Sheriff, accompanied by Adair’s new Estate Manager, approached the house where the poor Sixty Year old woman lived with her six daughters and one son and ‘Long before the house was reached, loud cries were heard, piercing the air and soon the figures of the poor widow and her daughters were observed outside the house where they gave vent to their grief in strains of touching agony. Forced to discharge an unpleasant duty, the sheriff entered the house and delivered up possession to Mr. Adair’s steward, whereupon a Crowbar Brigade of six men who had been brought from distance immediately fell to with right good will to level the house to the ground. The scene became indescribable. The bereaved widow and her daughters were frantic with despair and throwing themselves on the ground, they became almost insensible, and bursting out in the old Irish wail - then heard by many for the first time - their terrifying cries resounded along the mountains for many miles. They had been deprived of their only shelter - the little spot made dear to them by association of the past - and with bleak poverty before them and with only the blue sky to shelter them, naturally they lost all hope and those who witnessed their agony will never forget the sight. Every heart was touched, and tears of sympathy flowed from many… the sobs of helpless children took hold of every heart.

News Account of Day 1
Londonderry Standard
April 10, 1861