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<center>The Derryveagh Evictions</center>

The Derryveagh Evictions

Against the silence, every picture tells its tale. (Inside: select from left to right)

<center>Then & Now</center>

Then & Now

Roads to and from Derryveagh.

<center>The Laois Connection</center>

The Laois Connection

Where John George Adair comes from.



Where and how our fates are linked.

<center>A Tale of Two Houses</center>

A Tale of Two Houses

Links and Views of Bellegrove (Rathdaire) and Glenveagh Castle

<center>Thatching Matters</center>

Thatching Matters

What Adair and his crowbar brigade tried to erase from Donegal and Queen's County is alive and well in Laois and beyond...